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Top Ten OTP’s (One True Pairings)

This week’s Top 10 post is all about the romance. The couples that I have become absolutely obsessed with and will be offended by when they don’t invite me to their imaginary, fairy-tale like weddings. (I mean come on! How freaking fantastic would a wedding in a far off fantasy word be?!)

Tbh, I totally considered putting myself and my bae, Dylan O’Brien down as a couple on this weeks list. We would be pretty dang cute, canon really. #Destlan for liiiifeeeee.

FUN FACT: I didn’t know what the heck an OTP was until my annoying ass roommate filled me in last year. So, if you (like me) are unsure of what I am even talking about right now, OTP stands for One True Pairing. So basically, the couple of ALL the couples. The creme de la creme. 


These will span both books and TV,  because honestly, I couldn’t imagine making this list without some of my TV couples).


Top 10 OTP’s (One True Pairings ) 


blueombre copy

Tara & Christian, Dance Academy 


Dance Academy….omg, I’ve forgotten how much I freaking love this TV show. I binge watched it in my first year of University and I have ZERO regrets. The relationship that emerges between Tara and Christian is so wonderful and GAH, I LOVE THEM. ❤ Seriously recommend watching this show if you haven’t already!

blueombre 10

#Japril (Jackson & April, Grey’s Anatomy


I love Grey’s Anatomy and there have been TONS of swoon-worthy relationships over the years (Including Derek and Meredith) but my heart truly yearns for Jackson and April’s relationship! They have gone through so many ups and downs but I love them so much and dammit, I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY* Plus like, they are both gorgeous and quirky and honestly April gives me life.

*I’m not caught up on the show so I have no idea where this couple is at in their relationship.

blueombre 7 copy

Rose Hathaway /Sydney Sage & Adrian Ivashkov (Vampire Academy, Bloodlines)


Vampire Academy is *potentially* my all-time favourite book series and while Dimitri and Rose are canon, I have ALWAYS been a hardcore Rose and Adrian fan. Adrian Ivashkov is literally the love of my life and he deserves all the happiness in the world. If the Bloodlines series didn’t exist I would definitely ship Rose and Adrian together no problem, BUT Sydney is also perfect for Adrian which makes my life very complicated. So, for the time being, they are going to exist in some weird three-way relationship because I absolutely cannot choose which one I would prefer Adrian to be with. 😛

blueombre 10 copy 2

Captain Swan (Emma & Hook, Once Upon a Time)


First of all, this photo gives me freaking life ðŸ˜ Can we talk about the love that is seeping out of this photo? GAH. They are literal perfection. Light and dark mixed in the loveliest love cupcake I have ever seen in my life. Their journey throughout the seasons is so well written and developed and I can not get over the love that I have for their love. I’m almost a two seasons behind so please no spoilers in the comments! I hope that everything works out for them!

blueombre 10 copy 3

#Finchel (Finn & Rachel, Glee)  


My heart honestly can’t take this ship anymore. I’m rewatching Glee for the 2nd time and I literally cry every episode just knowing that this wonderful couple (on screen and off) ended. #Finchel is literally everything I want in life. Their romance was so pure and innocent and I love them to death. #RIPFinn #RIPCory

blueombre 10 copy 4

#Delena (Damon & Elena, The Vampire Diaries


I honestly don’t care if you are a #Stelena shipper*, #Delena has been and will always be my OTP from The Vampire Diaries. Yeah, Damon is a little piece of shit 99.99% of the time, but he’s Elena’s piece of shit and that’s all that really matters. Also, dear lord can we talk about the smolder that Ian (Damon) has perfected? Honestly is one of the best things to have ever graced this earth.

*  I actually do care about your opinions, but please do not bite my head off in the comments for shipping Elena with Damon instead of Stefan).

blueombre 10 copy 5

#Fitzsimmons (Fitz & Simmons, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D)


Yes. Yes. 100x YAAAAAAAASSSSSS. Jemma and Leo are honestly, probably, most likely the cutest nerdy couple of all time. I am OBSESSED with these two and (as I am REALLY behind on the show) I am SOOO hopeful that everything works out between them. The relationship that the two share is just so dang magical and wonderful and gah, I want them to get married so I can become to the Aunt to their children.

blueombre 10 copy 6

#Beevi (Bee & Levi, The Color Project


Of all the relationships on this list, Bee and Levi are definitely the most innocent and lovely. They are such pure, precious hearts and my heart is so, so full of love for them. I literally can’t even, AHHHH. They are so precious. I highly recommend preordering this book so you can experience their love!

blueombre 10 copy 7

Cammie & Zach, Gallagher Girls 


Zachary Goode. Zachary Goode. Zachary Goode. Omg, his name is like a prayer on my lips. I love this child so much. Cammie and Zach are easily one of my top, top OTP’s. The Gallagher Girls series is one of my absolute favourite series of all time and that is in large part because of Cammie and Zach’s relationship. I’m honestly smiling so big right now because just thinking of their love makes me happier than a pig in a big ole’ vat of mud.

blueombre 10 copy 8

#Bellarke (Bellamy & Clarke, The 100



Omg, Bellamy and Clarke’s relationship has to be one of the most dragged out, suspenseful relationships EVER. I’m honestly losing my mind. Is it really too much to ask to get a kiss? Hell, I will settle for a damn peck on the cheek. Bellarke is my favourite thing of life and you cannot tell me that they are “platonic.” GAHHHH, I LOVE THEM SO DAMN MUCH.

Well, that’s all folks! Thank you so much for tuning into another Top Ten Tuesday 🙂

Thank you so much for tuning into another Top Ten Tuesday post! 🙂 I hope you liked it! Are any of your OTP’s on this list? Who do you ship together?

Lots of love my little readerbugs,


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