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Top Ten Fictional Boyfriends! (& Maybe a Girlfriend or two, too :P )


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After a very close twitter poll, this week’s list will be centred around fictional boyfriends (and even girlfriends, because yes, woman can be hella fine too) ❤


***Please note this list is in no particular order, I literally could not decide who to put higher 😛 )

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#10: Prince Charming, Once Upon a Time 

prince charming

I’m currently rewatching season one of Once Upon a Time and oh my goodness, David (a.k.a Prince Charming) is honestly one of the sweetest guys on this planet. His love for Mary Margaret is so pure and lovely and he always treats her so wonderfully. If there was anyone who was prime husband material it would be this lovely fellow.  Plus, he is hella hot, so that’s a plus. Honestly, I’m really jealous of Snow White.

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#9: Adrian Ivashkov, Vampire Academy/Bloodlines


I think we’ve already established that my love for Adrian Ivashkov is endless. Adrian is a fantastic boyfriend*. He treats his girlfriends incredibly well, a luxury that he, of course, can afford as one of the noble Ivashkov line. Adrian makes many sacrifices to be with the ones he loves (including giving up cigarettes!). He’s incredibly handsome and charming and consistently acts as a support line when needed. 10/10 would recommend getting him to put a ring on it.

*Spoilers: He and Rose made the cutest couple, and I’m honestly a little disappointed that they weren’t endgame… 😦 But he treated her like gold when they were together!

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#8: Mr. Darcy, Pride and Prejudice


Really, need I say more?

It’s Mr. Darcy.

*brb, swooning*

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#7: Princess Leia, Star Wars 


Not only is Princess Leia basically a goddess, but she is also a kick-ass warrior! She fearlessly holds her own and is just as badass and strong-willed as her male counterpart, Han Solo.

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#6: Zachary Goode, Gallagher Girls 


Honestly, this list wouldn’t be complete without Zach. Zachary Goode is one of my all-time FAVOURITE book boyfriends and GAH, I just love him soooo much!!!!! If he and Cammie weren’t canon*, I would definitely attempt to steal him for myself. I don’t even know how to describe Zach, his soul just speaks to mine.

*default  pairings often used to describe pairings in fanfiction that are claimed to be obvious. in other words, a couple that is heavily promoted or suggested in the show.


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#5: Levi, The Color Project 


Ummmmmmm, my newest obsession where fictional boyfriends are concerned but 100% on this list! Levi is the definition of a perfect boyfriend. He is so damn sweet and caring not only to Bee, but to everyone. He is such a pure and precious heart and I love him more than Sierra loves her husband, Henry Cavill.* Levi is a wonderful, precious smol bean and I will protect him with my life (much like I know he would do for Bee, or anyone really for that matter.)

* This theory is untested, of course, but still accurate.

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#4: Monica, Friends 


Same, Monica…same. Although Monica could be a bit overbearing she was the absolute sweetest when her and Chandler got together. She put up with his antics* and immaturity and was a great girlfriend and eventual wife. She’s also gorgeous, hilarious, a good cook, smart, I mean what else would you want in a girlfriend?

*Let’s not forget the time that Monica was willing to “get it on” to shark attacks because she thought it would please Chandler, that is some serious loyalty and love, folks.

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#3: Nathan Scott, One Tree Hill


Sure, Nathan had his moments of being a complete douche bag, but overall he exemplified a wonderful boyfriend. He treated Haley so well (most of the time) and they were honestly perfect together.* Nathan could be an ass but his soft side always came out when he was her. He’s definitely one of my biggest fictional crushes!

* Oh, my, god. I just realized that I didn’t include #Naley in my Top 10 OTP’s POST?!?! WHO AM I? Guess there is going to have to be a part two, LOL

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#2: Owen Armstrong, Just Listen 


Owen is honestly everything in this book. He is the perfect match for Annabel, and their journey together throughout the entire book is so perfect. Owen is a huge part of the reason that Annabel overcomes her past by the end of the book. He is so wonderful and kind and just the kind of man I could use in my life.


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#1: Bellamy Blake, The 100


OKAY, so maybe there was a bit of a hierarchy to this post….namely the fact that this beautiful soul is in the #1 spot. Bellamy freaking Blake. I love this human with my entire being, he is the most precious character and needs to be protected at all costs. Not only is he hella good looking (seriously, the dude is like a good fine wine) but his level of compassion and dignity and overall good-ness is inspiring. He would treat you like gold, like the princess that you are.


Thanks for joining me for another Top 10 Tuesday, friends!

I would love to hear some of your favourite book boyfriends/girlfriends! Leave me a comment or come say hi to me on Twitter!

Until next time,



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