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Top Ten Tuesday: Favourite Book Covers!

Now I know that they say not to judge a book by its cover but come on. 

I think we all know that we definitely judge a book based on what the cover looks like. The story could be absolutely phenomenal but if the cover isn’t attractive, most of the time I won’t pick it up. Of course, there are also books with AMAZING covers, but the story is only so-so.

Regardless, today we will be looking at ten of my current favourite book covers. So settle in kids, and let’s take a gander, shall we? 🙂




blueombre 10 copy 8


I saw this cover a few months ago when Jodi shared it on her Twitter, and oh my goodness, isn’t it just one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen *massive heart eyes* Not only is the cover stunning, BUT we also are graced with a WOC! Which in itself is absolutely incredible and beautiful.

blueombre 10 copy 7


I honestly have no idea what this book is even about, but dear lord the typography on this book. Granted, the cover is a little busy for my taste, but it honestly just works really well on this particular cover. Kudos to the designer!

blueombre 10 copy 6 Packshot.png

This is honestly one of the most beautiful books I have ever laid my eyes on. The entire outside of this book is just flawless. The cover has that wonderful matte feel to it and it’s seriously just perfection.

blueombre 10 copy 5


The covers for all three books in the Blood of Eden series are all so simple, but damn they are so pretty. I particularly love this one and the cover for the final book in the series, The Forever Song.

blueombre 10 copy 4 34214977

YA’LL, I swear I won’t always include one of Lindsay’s books in these Top 10 posts but come on, the Zenith cover is just SO pretty.

blueombre 10 copy 3


This is honestly one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen in my entire life. If I could get married to a book cover, this would be it.

blueombre 10 copy 2


This cover is goals. I love the contrast between the blue and green so much and *sigh* it’s just so dang beautiful ❤

blueombre 7 copy


I love, love, love, love this cover! The typography is A+ but it just all pulls together so well and is very visually appealing.

blueombre 10


This book has such a wonderfully beautiful cover! Again, I have no idea what the story inside contains, but I would buy this purely because of the cover.

blueombre copy


I think my absolute favourite aspect of this cover is the fancy geometric design around the title. It is absolutely stunning and definitely enhances the cover as a whole! I love the vibrant reds and the flowers.

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Thanks for joining me on another #TopTenTuesday!

What are some of your favourite covers?

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Happy Reading,


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