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Eight TV Finales That Made me Snot Cry

If you know me well you should know that I cry at just about everything. Yes, it is true that I cried during Star Wars but honestly how could you not cry. And yes, there are countless movies, shows, books, songs, etc, that make me cry and while there are a lot  tons of TV episodes and finales that have made me cry, there are a few that have left me hunched over on the sofa screaming at the TV as big, fat tears roll down my face.

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#1: The Vampire Diaries

To be honest, I’d probably say that 1 in every 3 episodes of TVD has made me cry, so really I could just make a list out of those top ten moments (which now that I think about it, maybe I will) but for the sake of this list I will be focusing on the most recent episode, the season 7 finale (which was also the series finale).

This episode was absolutely gut-wrenching and I’m pretty sure I cried basically the entire episode. We see a lot of big moments between characters (Bonnie & Her ancestors, Caroline & Stefan, Damon & Stefan, Damon & Elena, Matt & Vicki, etc) and the entire episode was like one terrible train wreck of emotion. I’m definitely going to be posting a more in-depth review on this finale because I’m going to need a lot of space to talk about everything that happened in this episode. In short, it was perfect. The creators wrapped up the show in such a good way and even though aspects broke my heart, it was truly beautiful and such a good end to a fabulous show.

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#2: The 100, Season 4 Finale

In my opinion, the season 4 finale was by far the best finale of the series! My emotions were heightened from the very beginning when we see Bellamy and Octavia saying their goodbyes. And then, of course, things became legit when the hug happened. You know the one I’m talking about. That Bellarke Hug that ended with the sweetest caress of the face. I think I died a little in that moment. Everything was so fast paced and well executed. Even Monty and Murphy shared a little moment, which was a wonderful little insight into the growth that John Murphy has gone through during his time on earth.Also, can we take a moment to remember that Clarke and Bellamy have been separated from over 2000 days? SIX YEARS! There better be one hella good reunion in our future.  The episode ended on a massive cliffhanger and I cannot wait to see where season five takes us.

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#3: Drop Dead Diva

This episode wasn’t sad in itself, but the knowledge of learning (after you have naively finished the episode) that it was actually the series finale was devastating! I was in no way prepared for this show to be over and I was definitely not ready to say goodbye to the characters- especially given the way things ended. Jane Bingum was such an incredible plus-size protagonist and I love her to bits. If you haven’t watched this show yet, I highly recommend it! (Psst. It’s on Netflix!)

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#4- Grey’s Anatomy, Season Finales (2, 3, 5, 6, 8)

Grey’s Anatomy is probably the only show on this list that could rival The Vampire Diaries in the number of times it has made me cry. As noted in the subtitle, there have been several season finales that have left me weeping in my bed, or bent over a block of ice cream. I don’t want to spoil you in case you have not watched the aforementioned seasons yet, but I will say that you are better off watching them with a large box of tissues in arms reach.

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#5- Supernatural, Season 12

To be fair there have been many Supernatural episodes over the years that have made me cry. Too many to even list on here. But, the recent finale for season twelve was an absolute gut-wrencher. Where not one, not two but THREE major characters died! (Spoiler: We know that at least one of these characters is not coming back to the show, in any capacity. ).

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#6- Pretty Little Liars, Season Finales

When didn’t PLL make me cry? I mean really, this show was just a complete emotional rollercoaster. I will say that the series finale was especially emotional: partly because of the contents of the episode (can we talk about how wonderful the dialogue was!) but also simply for the fact that it was the series finale! This was a wonderful show full of ups and downs and it definitely deserves a spot on this snot-cry worthy list!

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#7- One Tree Hill, Season Finales

This show might actually give Grey’s Anatomy The Vampire Diaries a run for their money. One Tree Hill was one of those shows that I became way too invested in, and as such, it frequently tore my heart from my chest and splintered it into pieces. More than once I messaged friends freaking out about the crazy season finales that the show loved to leave us with. Definitely, recommend having a box of tissues on you when you start watching this series!

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#8 Glee, Season Finales (3, The Quarterback, 6)

I don’t care what people say, I loved Glee.  I loved the friendships, relationships, and mentorships that were formed over the seasons. But, Glee could also be incredibly heart-wrenching. Mainly, of course, I’m referring to the Cory Monteith tribute episode, ” The Quarterback.” I personally thought that they did a wonderful job with that episode. I know that it couldn’t have been easy to film for any of the cast/crew but I so appreciate that they took the time to say goodbye to both Cory and Finn.



I know that I cheated (a lot) and listed a show in general instead of a specific episode, but honestly half of these shows make me cry in like every single episode so that would have been a ridiculously long post!

Do you agree with any of the shows/episodes on this list? What are some episodes that have made you snot cry?




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